About Us

Button factory DEKNOFA established more than 60 years ago. Founded in 1951 by  the parents of the current owners Rob Albers and Lydia Woestenenk-Albers.

The company started as a turnery  for caseïn and polyester buttons. Since 1960 is the company DEKNOFA B.V. located in the city of Deventer in the Netherlands. Currently DEKNOFA is a modern factory and wholesale company. Production and design of the large collection is done onsite and available in many materials like polyester, nylon, abs and caseïn and natural materials like horn, corozzo and wood.

Fully automatic turning machines and injection moulding machines are used for manufacturing as well as handmade articles. Fashionable and trendy colours are created in the modern dye studio.

With sales, design and production in one location DEKNOFA is a flexible supplier for personalized shapes, sizes, colours, quantities and delivery time. We welcome your special requests. Our large inventory guarantees fast delivery of smaller quantities.